RDP pressure regulators

  • Purpose:

Piston pressure regulators and reduction units based on them are designed for throttling high-pressure gases and liquids and automatically maintaining the pressure in the outlet pipeline of predetermined pressure without fluctuations, regardless of the gas withdrawal by the consumer and changes in the inlet pressure. They work using the energy of the medium.

Medium: gases and liquids, including aggressive ones

Non-volatile: Inlet pressure up to 14.0 MPa (140 kgf / cm2)


Valve nominal diameter, DN, mm







gases and liquids, including aggressive ones

Nominal flow rate, Q






Operating pressure range, MPa (kgf/cm2)

14.0-3.0 (140-3)

Lowest differential pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

0,2 (2)



  • in gas pipeline systems as a part of gas distribution stations (GDS)

  • in industrial and mobile compressed air plants

  • in gas treatment units for gas compressor plants

  • in industrial and mobile nitrogen plants

  • in gas treatment units for power plants

  • in boiler plants of any thermal capacity

  • as a part of associated gas treatment systems and units


  •  The piston design has a significant advantage over other types of regulators as it eliminates the most vulnerable component, i.e. diaphragms

  • Small size makes it possible to replace other types of regulators without welding works (according to individual projects)

  • The regulators have the smallest weight and dimensions among all regulators

  • Small weight and size make it possible to manufacture them from stainless steels without a significant increase in the cost of products, which completely eliminates the corrosive wear of all parts of the regulators for the entire service life

  • Stable operation of the regulators at a minimum flow rate of 1 nm3/hour for dimensions DN25=DN80 mm, from 50 nm3/hour for DN100-DN150 mm. This allows to avoid a low flow line, which simplifies and reduces the cost of the GDS (AGDS) reduction unit


    The system of remote control of the output parameters of the controlled medium (adjustment or change of the outlet pressure) makes it possible to transfer the stations to central service. The system can also be used for previously installed RDPs: its installation does not require any modification of the regulator's blade

  • The regulators operate at a dead end with subsequent start-up without outlet pressure adjusting

  • Scheduled maintenance, if necessary, is reduced to replacing the sealing elements of the regulator which takes 30-60 minutes

  • RDP regulators do not require an external power source

The main versions of the RDP and based on them units:

  • RDP pressure regulators Parametric range: DN25-150 mm version: upstream | downstream
  • Flow safety valves. Parametric range: DN25-150 mm
  • Modules of paired regulators (regulator-monitor) Parametric range: DN25-150 mm
  • Modules of paired regulators with the function of a safety shut-off valve (SSOV) (shut-off regulator) Parametric range: DN25-150 mm
  • The comprehensive remote outlet pressure sensing or correcting system from the automatic control system of automated gas distribution station (ACS AGDS) is equipped with RDP regulators (modules) of any dimension, including those previously put into operation

Authorizations and approvals

All equipment is approved for use at the facilities of Gazprom, accredited by Rosneft. Lukoil, Surgutneftegaz, Tatneft, Tatenergo, Municipal Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal and other companies also use it. All rights to this equipment are protected by patents. The products have certificates of conformity, including the certificates of compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union.